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I moved to the United States with my mother when I was 8 years old, with just two suitcases and $2,000. My mother left everything behind so that I could have the opportunity to pursue the American dream. I’ll never forget that selfless act and it’s the reason why failing has never been an option for me. My definition of the American dream was to graduate college and to buy a house. I’m happy to say that I was able to accomplish both before the age of 23.

I won Disney’s Dreamer and Doer award in 5th grade. Ever since, I have been working hard to prove Disney right! You can say it’s become a self-fulfilling  prophecy.

Networking is my thing. I love building relationships and connecting the dots to create win-win situations. When I meet someone new, I’m always thinking about how I can bring value to the relationship.

I had a successful career with PepsiCo before deciding to work full time on my dream job. I held 4 different roles in 6 years and managed over $100 Million in yearly sales across the Southeastern United States. I never missed a sales plan, in fact I regularly tripled company performance.

I met my wife in high school. We’re waiting to have kids because we’re afraid that they won’t be as cool as our dog, Bentley… just kidding (kind of.) My wife has definitely been the best thing that’s happened to me. Once you meet Jessica you will no longer think that I’m cool and instead you’ll wonder how I got so lucky.

I’m an optimist. I always see the best in every person and situation. This is mostly a good thing.

I’m extremely competitive. I love all things sports and board games. My favorite board games are Monopoly and Risk, but nobody likes to play with me after the first time. My wife says it’s because I’m an obnoxious gamer. What can I say, I hate to lose more than I like to win!

I’m a morning person and you can find me on Instagram Stories at 4 am telling the world “good morning, good morning, good morning!” People think I do it so that I can have a more productive day, but the reality is that I do it so that I have an excuse to go to bed early. In the end, this habit has allowed me to start training for triathlons and marathons.

I’ve always been grateful for America and that’s why I’m always thinking of ways to give back. Over four years ago I decided to become a “big brother” within the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. Little did I know that my one year volunteer commitment would turn out to be a lifelong relationship with a kind, smart, and taller little brother.

I’m committed to being a lifelong learner. I make sure that I’m educating myself and always growing. I’ve read or listened to over 500 nonfiction books in the past 10 years.  Even though I’ve read hundreds of books and I’ve learned more than most people have forgotten, there are some areas that I can’t seem to get grip on. One of these areas is writing.

I have my own podcast called “Mastering College: A Guide To Landing Your Dream Job.” It’s rated 5 stars on Itunes and it has over 100 reviews. Make sure to check it out! I not only provide my own advice, but I also interview industry experts and students.

I found my dream job helping others find their dream job. I pride myself in the fact that I’ve helped hundreds of individuals land their dream job. In fact, every student that I’ve worked one on one with, has gotten at least one job offer before graduation.

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